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Carrot Firewood Edition

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  • noble padauk wood
  • smooth surface with structure
  • absolutely splinter-free
  • Dimensions: length 21cm; Width 3.9cm
  • Weight: 154g
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Simply special


Wood grows back :D


If desired, with your own
Name provided


special wood varnish for none
health concerns


Handmade - Each piece is unique

Handmade - sustainably from Bavaria

– We create unique pieces

wood fun holzdildo karotte in der natur

The wood: The linden tree

We use linden wood because of its incomparable nature. Linden wood is characterized by its particularly long fibers. This wood also absorbs body temperature extremely quickly. This ensures a warm, incomparable feeling. Compared to fir and spruce, lime wood is significantly more resistant and therefore less sensitive to scratches or dents.

wood fun holzdildo hydra in der natur

Protect yourself and your environment: No silicone

Personal fun has never been so sustainable and ecological. Protect your naturalness and be sure that no plasticizers are deposited, as can be the case with other conventional products. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.

wood fun holzdildo sirene in der natur

Freedom from splinters guaranteed

Since we sand the dildos three times in a very complex process, the wooden dildo is already silky smooth. In addition, our products are coated with a varnish. This means that the wood does not absorb any moisture, the varnish seals the wood completely and makes it impossible for splinters to come loose.

wood fun holzdildo collection in der natur mit plugs

Special varnish

The paint we use is also used to coat children's toys. This means that it is sweat and saliva resistant. Health concerns are therefore completely ruled out.

wood fun holzdildo medusa in einer wiese

Ideal as a gift

Are you looking for an exotic yet very personal gift? A wooden dildo is perfect for this. The wooden dildo comes in a small, inconspicuous box in which it is padded with wood wool and sealed with a wax seal. The wooden dildo can also receive a personal engraving. A true unpacking experience!

*Each product is hand-turned and is therefore unique, the shape and size may vary slightly from the product image*