What makes you different from the others?

We only use natural and sustainable raw materials and process them carefully by hand. We completely avoid using plastic when it comes to packaging. The dildo is wrapped in cotton fabric and shipped in a box padded with wood wool. This means we offer a completely sustainable and ecological experience. In harmony with nature.

Isn't it dangerous to get a splinter?

Splinters cannot be drawn in.
Because we grind the dildos 3 times in a very complex process. So the wooden dildo is already silky smooth. In addition, our products are coated with a varnish. This means that the wood does not absorb any moisture, the varnish seals the wood completely and makes it impossible for splinters to come off.

Isn't varnish unhealthy?

The paint we use is also used to coat children's toys. This means that it is sweat and saliva resistant. Health concerns are therefore completely ruled out.
On the contrary, compared to conventional dildos, we can do without plasticizers and unhealthy plastics that can come loose during use.

Our paint complies with the following standards:

• ÖNORM EN 71 Part 3 Safety of toys
• DIN 53160 fastness to sweat and saliva
• ÖNORM S 1555 fastness to sweat and saliva

What wood is used for the dildos?

We use linden wood because of its incomparable nature. Linden wood is characterized by its particularly long fibers. This wood also absorbs body temperature extremely quickly. This ensures a warm, incomparable feeling. Compared to fir and spruce, lime wood is significantly more resistant and therefore less sensitive to scratches or dents.

How do I clean my wooden dildo?

It's best to simply use soap and water to clean your dildo. However, make sure you wash off any soap residue properly.

Are all dildos exactly the same?

The dimensions of our products are fixed and can be found in the product description, but there may be small deviations in shape and size due to the fact that each dildo is made by hand. Since the natural product wood is used, the grain may also differ slightly.

How do I give the dildo a personal engraving?

Instead of the Wood Fun lettering, we would be happy to engrave your desired name into the dildo. Simply tell us this in the comment field of your order.

Can I design my own dildo?

Gladly. If you have specific requests for a certain type of wood or dildo shape, just let us know. Simply send us an email to info@wood-fun.de or use our dildo designer. We will check your specifications and send you a draft. If you are satisfied with the design, we will produce it and it will be with you within 14 days.

Are the dildos shipped discreetly?

The dildo is shipped in an inconspicuous brown box. Andreas Haslinger is named as the sender.

Can I return the dildo?

Yes, you can. We have a 100-day right of return for this.
However, the prerequisite for a full refund is that the fun wax seal is not broken. Unfortunately, if the seal is broken, we cannot refund your amount.

To return, fill out the return form.

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