wood fun holzdildo holz rohlinge für die nachhaltige produktion

Raw material wood

The carefully dried lime wood, ebony and padouk are cut into squared timber blanks and stored for further processing.

wood fun handgefertigte produktion eines holzdildo

The art of craftsmanship

The blanks are turned into the different dildo shapes using precise handwork on the lathe.

wood fun holzdildo wird mit gravur versehen


The finished turned dildo gets our logo burned into it.

If desired, a desired name or saying can also be burned in here, more about this in the FAQ

wood fun holzdildo lack auftragen bei produktion


A total of 5 layers of varnish are applied in different steps. This means the dildo is completely sealed.

wood fun holzdildo nachhaltige verpackung mit siegel


The dildo is disinfected intensively and conscientiously before it is sealed with our fun wax seal.

The sealed package is padded with wood wool and packed in a cardboard box made from recycled raw materials and shipped discreetly.